pietra, 15. lost in translation.

I’m out of computer now :(

I went to the d0ctor bieber. lol. Just kidding. Now srsly, i went to the doctor and im really tired, need to slow down and blah blah bla. My mother is tired, because she was helping me doing some thinks in photoshop, so we need to turn off. Aksjakjskadjkasj i love my mom, she is here with me. Love you mom! And love you followers, have a good night. See ya tommorrow or later, i think i will stay at iphone so you can ask me anything :D.

xoxoxoxo ♥ Dream with Miley and Jus10 and Demi and all sexy celebrities…. Tommorrow i will do some glow edits (i have glow now hehe) So, that’s it. Stay in peace! 

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