pietra, 15. lost in translation.


what even




*justin writes an entire album about getting over selena*

*posts a picture calling her an elegant princess*


I still believe in love
I still believe in us
I hope you believe in us
The way I believe in us
You don’t see
'Cause what you don't see,…

"As if!" - Clueless (1995)


man all i want is to cuddle with you and bake you cookies and make your favorite food and sit on the couch all cuddled up with you and watch your favorite movie with you and then go to bed with you and maybe listen to your favorite album with you and jump around with you and then when we get tired of doing that we could fall asleep on the floor with pillows everywhere and put my face on your chest and just make you feel loved every day of your life  

 Scooter Imitating Justin.


*sees cute boy*

[“he could be the one” by hannah montana plays in the distance]